Traditional Farmers!

Dear Friends,

The crisp morning air nudged me awake. It makes me feel alive, alert
and ready to tackle the day. It is early. The sparkling blue sky is a lovely
canvas for the clouds that make their appearance. I am immensely thankful
for the momentary stillness that is broken only sporadically by the gentle
sounds of birds in the distance. Get out early and enjoy these great gifts.

Although the rainy season is still a couple of months away, serious farmers
are already preparing their land for planting. On Friday, as I was making
my way into town, I offered a ride to an acquaintance who was walking at
a slow pace with his shovel and spade after having worked on a plot of land
near my home. He was reluctant at first, remarking that his boots were dusty
and he didn’t want to dirty my car. I insisted and he finally accepted.

During our short ride I asked him why he was working on the land so early
and he remarked that even though it was the dry season, there was plenty of
haphazard growth that needed to be tended to before the rains began and the
planting got done. His enthusiasm was contagious. He was delighted to list
the different crops he would try this year: corn (of course), peppers, beans,
and tomatoes.

He had worked on the land for a few hours that morning. Although he was
tired and hot, he confessed that he felt no greater joy than in being outdoors.
A successful harvest will provide food for his family and a modest income
to cover their other needs. He thanked me for the “lift” but I was actually
the one who was lifted by the reminder of just how special and necessary
traditional farmers still are in our country.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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