Deserved Success!

Dear Friends,

Greetings on a day I hope unfolds in wonderful and magical ways. Earlier, I
was witness to the non-stop moving of a tiny hummingbird outside. I had not
seen one quite so close to the house in a while; it was thrilling to watch its
energetic movements in the air. My day got off to a delightful start as I
welcomed the gift of another day.

On Friday morning we visited the local farmers market to stock up on the
fruits and vegetables we will need for the week. It has become one of my
favorite rituals to visit the stand of the couple from Zarcero, a neighboring
county where we almost purchased land many years ago. One look at the
vivid colors of their produce makes me lament there aren’t more days in the
week because I have to limit the amount I can purchase from week to week!

I enjoy observing newcomers to our farmers’ market, especially people who
visit us from North America or Europe. The vendor’s enthusiastic pitch often
includes an opportunity to taste the fresh, natural fruit that has been directly
picked by them. Many short-term residents have commented to me that they
are spoiled and cannot find a good papaya or pineapple “back home” and are
eager to return!

There is something quite unique about buying food directly from people who
grow it or make it. On Friday afternoon, I visited the new location of Crema y
Nata. In my opinion it is one of the finest bakeries in our small town and it is
becoming a “must stop” location for visitors. I remember their modest start. I
applaud their continued success because it is the result of their work ethic,
careful planning and focus on customer satisfaction; not easy or accidental.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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