Unexpected appearance of trees!

Dear Friends,

My warmest greetings to all on this gorgeous Sunday. If you haven’t already
done so, get out early today to enjoy gentle movement as you breathe in the
goodness of Nature. Today is Palm Sunday, the day that marks the beginning
of Holy week, a time devoted to reflection. In Costa Rica, we have much to
reflect upon in the days before we vote for our next president on April 1st.

The promise of spring’s arrival in the U.S. has many people wondering when
it will become a reality. My friends share pictures of their driveways and cars
under a blanket of snow that bring back memories of cold winters past. As I
stepped outside this morning, with the sun warming my shoulders and the
gentle breeze brushing past me, I felt deep gratitude to find myself alive here.

I took my time contemplating our property. It is quite brown in some areas
because of the dry season, and we are still some weeks away from the rainy
season. Despite this, there are two papaya trees laden with fruit. Master
gardeners recommend soil preparation, fertilizer and frequent watering for
optimum results. These trees resulted from my husband’s regular tossing of
eaten fruit seeds into the field. They are not watered regularly and they have
never been fertilized!

Those papaya trees, by striving to survive and thrive, have injected me with
hope and enthusiasm. It is apparent that however impossible it should have
been for them to stay alive under those conditions, they found a way to draw
out things from their environment that allowed them to self-perpetuate and
get to this point. It is gratifying to behold their growth daily. I am eager to
taste the fruit which I will describe to you when the times comes!

Have a wonderful Sunday and an excellent week, Marietta

Pictures my own

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