Old and Loved!

Dear Friends,

Greetings on a somewhat overcast Sunday. Although the April rains have
softly appeared and surprised us, it is still early and there is plenty of time
left to get out and enjoy a lovely walk in Nature. Stretch, breathe in and
partake in the gift of life by appreciating all the gifts around you and by
doing something that makes it a perfect day for you.

Every once in a while our 2000 Hyundai Galloper cries out for attention.
This last time the problem was easily fixed by purchasing a new battery.
These days, I don’t drive it very much, usually just short distances around
town. My (somewhat emotional) attachment to it, though, comes from the
many years and the many miles we have spent together. It has its quirks,
and needs a paint job, but it remains my prized possession.

While I realize that it is an inanimate object, it gave our family tremendous
freedom and flexibility. It was the perfect vehicle when our children were
young (and participated in extra-curricular activities) because we could get
to and from places without relying on bus schedules or friends. Our family
spent a great deal of time bonding and listening to Classic Rock when we
waited in traffic jams on weekday afternoons. Treasured, spontaneous con-
versations ensued while trying to decipher a song’s lyrics meaning.

I do not love driving. I get nervous thinking about getting a flat tire; I don’t
really know why except that it is an older car and I am an older gal! But
driving makes life easier and I am all for that. My mother, who never did
anything halfway, had to take her driver’s test six or seven times before she
finally passed it. I admired her resilience and I was ready to try again after
my third attempt wasn’t going well…fortunately, I did pass that time in 1983!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

image galloper my own

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