Birds and Auctioneers

Dear Friends,

My alarm clock early this morning was the energetic song of the yigüirro
(turdus grayi/clay colored thrush) communicating loudly right outside my
window. The air was quite chilly and I really wanted to go back to the deep
sleep I was enjoying but I have a busy day ahead and responsibly got up!
As I looked at the landscape in the early morning sky, I felt gratitude to
find myself in this beautiful place. Get out early to enjoy all the day’s gifts.

I was raised in a family that took an active role in the places where we
lived. Community participation has always been a very important part of
my life. Every year at this time, I find myself immersed in one activity or
other that seeks to raise funds for the local Senior Residence of which I
am an active board member. A few days ago, I volunteered to help with
the food preparation for the dishes that will be served at today’s event.

My “job” last year had been to peel and dice cooked potatoes for hash,
a task that was very repetitive and tiring! By the time I had finished I
had little desire to see another potato in my life! This time, I was given
a more entertaining assignment: making little “trees” from several heads
of cauliflower and broccoli, matchsticks from carrots, bite-sized pieces
of green beans and strips of peppers and onions! The end result was very
colorful and I was amazed at how quickly the hours passed.

I will be back at the Senior Residence later this morning. My duties today
include taking pictures of the event, socializing with the invitees and
recording the final bids for the livestock and other auction items. I am
eager to hear the auctioneer’s chant – a different rhythm and sound from
today’s early morning birds – but just as enchanting to me. Being part of
this event has become a personal tradition that has significantly enriched
my life.

Have a wonderful Sunday and an excellent week, Marietta

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