Work with the rhythm, not against it

Dear Friends,

It is a beautiful and sunny Sunday! I was out very early this morning and
experienced the joy of seeing the cheerful scenery that yesterday’s spring
rain has already encouraged to appear. The plumeria tree outside our front
door is in full bloom; its wonderful, jasmine-like scent perfuming the air.
As I deeply breathe in, I am aware of the birds and their energetic flight.

Today is Earth Day. It is also the day that the Oxcart Parade takes place in
our marvelous little town. I am always impressed by the spirit of the oxcart
families that travel great distances in all kinds of weather to remind us of
their permanence and the contribution that their labor-intensive tradition
has had on Costa Rica’s progress. Thousands of tourists enjoy watching the
parades throughout the year.

I love the first days of the rainy season. Nature changes its palette of earth
tones to the contrasting shades of greens, oranges and reds that are a feast
for our eyes. We are busy now preparing different areas that will be planted
with ornamentals and of course, corn and beans, that we hope to enjoy later
in the year. Optimism is tangible as we look forward to respite from the
long, dry season. Many residents are returning North for summer vacation.

The rhythm of the seasons alerts me to the importance of living in harmony
with Nature all year long. The repetitive processes encourage learning about
the changes and working towards balance in my life as a result of awareness.
I noticed some additions to our town’s culinary options as I made my way
home from errands yesterday afternoon. My hope is that the owners of these
modern eateries will work with the town’s rhythm so they can flourish with
it for a long time.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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