A new firehouse for Atenas!

Dear Friends,

Today is the last Sunday of April 2018! The sun is shining and there
is a slight breeze in the air. I am beginning my day a little slowly,
inhaling the goodness of everything around me before the day gets
away. I invite you to get outside early and move your body gently;
gratefully accepting another chance to make treasured memories.

A year ago, our family was in New York celebrating one of our sons’
wedding. The year has gone very quickly. It has been filled with both
celebrations and mournings, as all years are. I have experienced
extreme joy and overwhelming sadness. I have had the opportunity
to connect with people from many different walks of life, enriching
my life.

Sunday mornings are a special time of reflection for me. Last week,
several events forced me to acknowledge the importance of showing
up mindfully and bravely when it is required. Usually the discomfort
leads to an honest appraisal of my thoughts. Although it is tempting
to remain in a comfort zone, allowing no intrusions and focusing only
on my aspirations, the reality is that I have never chosen the path of
least resistance. I do enjoy engaging, so deep thinking is a given!

Plaque in bay of Atenas Firehouse
Andres Cruz Castro

Yesterday, our little town of Atenas celebrated the grand opening of
a new Firehouse during a well-attended event. The firehouse’s bay
area was dedicated to Andrés Cruz Castro, the young volunteer who
lost his life five years ago while fighting a forest fire in Turrubares.
It was impossible for me not to shed a tear when the plaque with his
name on it was unveiled by his widow and their children. Suddenly,
I recalled his love for his family, his music and his absolute passion
about being a firefighter and helping others and I felt peaceful.

Have a wonderful day and an extraordinary week, Marietta


images courtesy Patricia Salazar

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