Conserving the attractiveness

Dear Friends,

As I stepped outside the door this morning, I felt bathed in a sea of bliss. The
sun warmed my shoulders and my eyes feasted on the first signs of the rainy
season. The grass awakens and adorns our lawn. In the distance, I could hear
the faint sounds of a weed whacker, a sign that someone in my neighborhood
enjoys the beauty of a neat hedge as much as I do! Get out early today and
appreciate some of the blossoms of the season wherever you are.

Every Saturday, I try to take a leisurely drive around the town. This serves the
very practical purpose of keeping my “old” car’s new battery from having
problems starting but, more importantly, it allows me to assess whether or not
all the parts of the vehicle are behaving as they should. After all these years
years together, I’ve learned all its peculiar quirks. I once stated that I would
stop driving when I turned 60, but it was not a realistic expectation given my
proclivity for visiting new destinations in our country that require driving!

Yesterday I had a lot of errands to run in a few different sections of the center.
I chose to park the car on a side street and I walked to the different stops in an
effort to move my body and pay more attention to my surroundings. The view
is a little different when you are walking and the objects and people you meet
are also unique. At one point, I stopped in front of a recently-cleared large lot
that until two weeks held a wooden house that connected us to Atenas’ pioneer
roots. People were sad to see it go but it was apparently a derelict structure in
need of too much repair.

Old House Atenas 2018


Going, Going…

A sentimental view on my part with regards to place is not surprising. I grew up
in Brooklyn, NY, in a predominantly Irish and Italian neighborhood on a block
of brownstones with small yards and no driveway. I was too young to realize
that as immigrants we were pioneers at integration as we assimilated into our
new culture. Our small backyard provided some connection to Nature but soon
it was paved with cement. I really missed the “jungles” of Costa Rica and we
were luckily just a short distance from Prospect Park.

I am very biased in favor of small town life. While I welcome many of the
modern changes and new additions to commerce in our county, I hope we do
what we can to preserve the very characteristics of Atenas that make it

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

photographs courtesy of Patricia Salazar, Atenas 2018

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