The buoyancy of happiness

Dear Friends,

In contrast to last week’s sun-drenched morning, I am greeted today by a gray,
overcast, tranquil day. The birds are silent right now but Nature still surrounds
me and rather than feeling gloomy, I am quiet and calm. I invite you to get out
early today to reconnect with your surroundings and your loved ones. In this
fast-paced time we are living in, it is more important than ever before to make
time to acknowledge our loved ones and make sure they know they are.

I love my Sunday mornings. As they are more relaxed than the rest of my busy
week, they allow me to contemplate the outside world while I mentally review
the week’s events to share something meaningful with you. I usually spend a
few minutes listening to music and letting my mind wander before I actually
start to write. Sometimes this exercise feels like procrastination but it is really
an opportunity to discipline myself to be more flexible and to try not to manage
my every thought.

It seems the whole world was watching yesterday’s Royal Wedding. I did too.
Although I hadn’t actually planned it that way, I woke up early after having had
an excellent, refreshing sleep. Everything was lovely, the feeling of buoyancy
(it really is the only word that fits!) on the faces of the happy couple made me
join them in a smile across the miles. I wish them every happiness as they walk
together in this serious commitment to each other. The world is watching.

Another month is coming to an end. In recent conversations with my kids, I
have been made aware that “Memorial Day” weekend is coming up in the U.S.
Memorial Day commemorates the men and women who have died in military
service. It is traditionally also the beginning of summer in the U.S. That means
ballparks, campfires, festivities and barbecues. Good food and relaxation pair
with the endless sunshine for a few months. It ends too soon but provides great
opportunities for memory-making, a worthwhile endeavor for all seasons.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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