The Circle of Nature

Dear Friends,

I began my Sunday morning leisurely. I stepped onto the terrace to let my eyes
absorb the spectacular beauty of the green landscape on the horizon. My gaze
eventually turned to the lantana shrub that has taken hold of a particular part of
our lawn. After a few minutes I noticed two graceful butterflies skipping from
bloom to bloom. Although I didn’t stay long enough to see the hummingbirds, I
know they are not far behind. Get out early today and enjoy Nature’s delights.

My musical choice to inspire the muse this morning is Antonio Vivaldi’s The
Four Seasons, specifically, “Spring” which always stirs so much emotion in me.
The recently-begun rainy season responsible for the rich greens present in the
area always make me feel alive. While I love both seasons in my beloved Costa
Rica, it is the lush greens that most inspire me. I try to get all my “chores” done
in the morning so I can be home to enjoy the heady smell of an oncoming rain.

During a recent Skype conversation with one of our sons, I spotted a basil plant
on a table in the background. I was reminded of his love of caprese salads and
of how we grew basil and other herbs and vegetables in our small garden when
the children were young and lived at home. I counted on those efforts to serve
as pathways for our kids to become acquainted with and interested in scientific
concepts in a more natural manner. I look back at those days with nostalgia,
happy that they turned into meaningful family time in my memory.

I see many young couples with children making their way to Atenas from the
U.S., Canada and Europe. Although some of them come with the idea of living
here just long enough for their children to learn the language and experience a
different culture at a young age, others are coming with the goal of immersing
their children and themselves in a place that fosters patience as everything is
at a slower pace. I believe gardening makes a huge contribution and each rainy
season is a welcome beginning to the circle of nature.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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