The Correct Wall

Dear Friends,

My greeting to you this morning is brimming with deep appreciation for the
beauty that surrounds me. In the distance, I catch a glimpse of the green
mountains that provide the backdrop for the different species of birds that
make their way across the sky. We are in the rainy season for sure, making it
wise to get out as early as possible to engage in movement with gratitude.

I’ve had a very interesting week filled with activities and people that remind
me of how important it is for my mental health and well-being to maintain a
connection to the community. Sometimes in the busy-ness of our household
duties, I curtail my interactions outside our home, communicating by email
or phone rather than in person. When I do venture outside, however, I return
home with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism.

June is a lovely month in Costa Rica, especially after the early rains that
revive the grass. Luminous mornings with their eye-popping shades of green
can transition quickly into ones filled with rainfall that lasts for a few minutes
or for several hours. I have gotten in the habit of using June as the month to
evaluate what the first half of the year has been for me personally so I can
correct what I need to in order to accomplish some of my year’s goals. It is
a good exercise.

I live in hope that things in the world can change for the better. I prefer to
spend my time with people who look at challenges as opportunities rather
than problems and who do address them. Tangible private triumphs (like
curtailing my social media use as time-management) have become a source
of deep satisfaction for me. Introspective moments this week have allowed
me to confirm that at present my ladder is leaning against the right wall. My
hope is that yours is also.

Have a wonderful day and an even better week, Marietta image

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