Treasures In Our Own Backyard!

Dear Friends,

I woke up earlier than usual this morning. The sun wasn’t shining, the air
was crisp and silence surrounded me. Knowing that I have a full day of
activity planned (which includes bathing our dog), I decided to get up and
begin my day without delay. Stretching my body usually triggers my daily
habit of being grateful for my blessings and today was no exception. I urge
you to get out early and move with thankfulness for the ability to do so.

It is now almost four hours later and I am aware of the many subtle, yet
distinctive sounds that are in the atmosphere. I hear the parrots’ noisy song
as they fly to the almendro that is planted on our property. The low hum of
the refrigerator’s motor is no match for the racket the ride-on lawnmower
makes as our neighbor passes in front of our gate on the way to his field. It
is a busy Sunday for many of us since the rains bring rapid grass growth.

Last week I met a friend for coffee. Although we had not seen each other
in a very long time, we picked up the threads of our ongoing conversations
with the ease of our strong friendship. These encounters reaffirm how vital
personal interactions are to me and how necessary it is to schedule visits to
nurture the high quality relationships I am fortunate to have. We will not go
so long before we meet again.

While walking with our dog on our lawn last night, I enjoyed the spectacular
show the fireflies put on every June. I recalled our niece’s sudden, impulsive
joy years ago when she first saw the flashes of light and her efforts the next
night to catch a few of them in a jar temporarily so she could examine them
closely. It was impossible for me not to smile at the memory. I felt anew the
wonder and magic her reaction awoke in a part of me that had been napping.
It’s amazing what treasures often can be found in our own backyard!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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