A Matrix Worth Nourishing and Sustaining

Dear Friends,

It is a chilly, grey morning in Atenas. I am awake a little early already in
anticipation of going out this morning to do some errands I put off until
today. As I stepped out to the terrace, the carefree swallows ignored my
presence and chased their breakfast! They are swooping low right now,
meaning rain will surely visit my day. Whatever the weather in your part
of town, get out early and enjoy some movement and fun!

Twice a year I am part of the semi-annual assembly at the Senior Residence
in Atenas. In a conference room filled with warm, natural light, we present
our progress reports to the Hogar associates who have an opportunity to ask
questions, vote on issues, and share their impressions of the Board’s work.
Even though being on the board means foregoing other activities, I am glad
that I am part of this group.

Transformative and subtle changes in my life are constantly taking place.
Each assembly serves to remind me of the important assignment we have
volunteered for. Our vision of providing a safe and comfortable living space
for our vulnerable residents is carried out by the exceptional staff who weave
together, seemingly effortlessly, the directives they receive. It is not just a job
for most of them; they consider it a calling, which makes all the difference.

I returned home filled with gratitude for the mysteries of life that have guided
me to this particular stage of my existence. My heart rejoices because when I
am still, silently observing and absorbing impressions around me, I am capable
of feeling deep astonishment at what it means to be part of this complex matrix
that we are sharing and hopefully working endlessly to nourish and sustain.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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