A visit to the shoemaker

Dear Friends,

It is a clear, cool Sunday morning; a superb invitation for all of us to
live a good day. Get out early and really absorb the sights and sounds
all around as you gently move your body and breathe. The seasonal
afternoon rains will surely make their appearance today so make the
most of the early hours.

I went to the shoemaker yesterday. It was an errand I had put off for a
very long time. After many years of having his shop inside the “old
school”, he was forced to move. The new shop is on a busy street. I
would like to say that the parking challenges in our small town were
responsible for my delaying this mission, but that is not the truth.

The first time I went there, I felt triumphant as I found a parking spot
right across the street from him. The loud barking of many dogs when
I exited my car, followed by the scolding from the vigilant owner of
the house I parked in front of, made me aware of the reason no one
parked there. I made a mental note to avoid it in the future as I ran
across the street.

In the last several years, every time I have to do something in the area
of that particular house, I will drive around the block a few times, often
parking very far away because the dogs and the owner frighten me. On
a very rare occasion, I will put up a brave front and take my chances, but
the earful and the barking never fail to startle me. I sometimes wanted
to contest but I checked the impulse and went about my business quickly.

Yesterday, I was in a very big hurry. I completely forgot about the house
and the dogs as I parked and crossed the street to the shop. When I got
back, I saw a woman sitting in a rocking chair silently watching the cars
go by. There were no dogs barking. I felt a little disconcerted by this new
situation. It was a sudden, and welcome, reminder that change is the only
constant in this life!

Have a terrific day and a wonderful week, Marietta

One thought on “A visit to the shoemaker

  1. This brought a big smile to my face on several levels. I went to that shoemaker many times and always had a delightful experience. He was always happy to see the “gringa who spoke Spanish.” And yes, you bring a good point: the only constant in life is change! Happy Sunday and thanks for writing!

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