Sustainable and Smart Development

Dear Friends,

An overcast morning greets me yet I am filled with joy and gratitude
as I feast my eyes on the exquisite lush green landscape that the rains
create year after year. Nature is spectacular and forceful, inviting us
to seize all opportunities to go outdoors in movement and mental
repose before the day gets away.

My weekly stroll around the center of town yesterday put me in a bit
of a nostalgic mood. Last week, I talked about the certainty of change
yet when I came upon at least three short blocks that are extending our
“Main Street”, I found myself wondering about all these new locales
and whether they will strengthen the small-town lifestyle that I love.

A few years ago, I was more active in the day-to-day concerns of the
town because I volunteered or was asked to join the many organized
groups that worked on a variety of projects. Although I believe in
being an active citizen and do miss the people I worked with, I know
that it is unwise to neglect one’s own interests and goals because time
and energy are depleted, so I drastically scaled back my participation.

Yesterday’s outing reminded me that I no longer have access to the
information about local business investments, real estate offerings,
changes in our demographics or proposed actions to make sure our
town thrives. My heart breaks every time I see that instead of taking
an old, unique house and re-purposing it, it is simply torn down to
make way for a modern structure that challenges my notion of what
our town could look like!

Atenas is celebrating its 150th birthday in less than a month. The
challenges and opportunities for future generations are many and we
need to find ways in which our county can have smart, sustainable
growth that serves the newly educated, the aging population and those
in between! My optimistic side looks forward to all the surprises my
weekly outings will bring me.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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