The magic of Libraries

Dear Friends,

It is early. The air is chilly. The silence around me is comforting as I
gaze at the clouds in the sky and watch the birds fly by me in search
of nutrition. I breathe deeply, thankful that I am able to greet another
day and enjoy the richness of everything around me. Get out early to
see what treasures are nearby, invite a friend or family member along.
Enjoy all that nature has to offer you today.

I visited our local library on Friday morning. I needed to renew two
books that I have borrowed for a few weeks and have not set aside
sufficient time to read; time management skills remain my biggest
challenge. I arrived at the library minutes before it opened and I was
surprised to see that others were already there patiently waiting. It
reminded me about the impact public libraries have on communities
worldwide and how affronted I feel whenever a library is the victim
of budget cuts.

A lot of people I know stopped going to the library as soon as they
finished their formal education. Others enjoy reading as a hobby and
appreciate the intangible contribution libraries make to daily living.
Libraries hold the passports to as many worlds as the imagination
cares to visit. I will finish my two books so that another can delight
in living in the world I find myself temporarily in as I turn the pages.

One favorite pastime of mine is to sit in a reading room and relax.
Quiet contemplation is not reprimanded in a library; silence reigns.
I am happy to see that in our little community, the library is bringing
people together by offering events, exhibits, lectures, games and other
surprises. These endeavors, undertaken by caring and compassionate
librarians, encourage people to experience the magic of reading and
in some cases, begin inner conversations that can change their lives.

Have a wonderful day and an incredibly good week, Marietta

Image of Public Library of Atenas from their Facebook Page

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