A Worthy Celebration!

Dear Friends,

Yesterday’s strong winds and heavy rainfall due to tropical front #18 caused
substantial damage to different parts of our county; yet this morning greets us
calmly. Let it be an invitation to venture out for some gentle movement and to
make a conscious effort to begin the week on a positive note. In these difficult
times, we need to choose carefully what we think about and who we spend our
precious time with.

The customary Sunday melodies are muted today and I find myself wondering
what the effects of yesterday’s two-hour power loss have been on our area. We
are fortunate that power was restored relatively quickly and that we had enough
candles to last for the time being. I was glad that I recently spent time tidying up
a section of the closet and kept some old towels that allowed us to soak up the
water that had gotten into our house. This latest emergency compels me to
spend time today reviewing emergency plans and supplies. A silver lining!

My recent outings around our small town have sparked a personal mental game.
With so many businesses appearing and disappearing, I test myself by trying to
recall what businesses have been around long enough to become landmarks in
our small town. It has been a very entertaining challenge that keeps me
observant and engaged in noticing current changes and predicting which ones
will make it and what trends are currently popular. Ice cream seems to be
sought after, as are pastries and coffee in small chic cafés. I hope they all
continue to thrive.

Despite the extreme weather of yesterday, my drive around the center afforded
a wonderful visual treat as I noticed all the work that has been going on in
advance of our town’s 150th anniversary. I recently realized we are just one
year younger than Canada, a country that has a wonderful representation in our
small town. Local celebrations have been hosted by almost all the districts of
Atenas. I am eager to see the spirit of community and pride in evidence as the
owners of small businesses in the center enhance their overall aesthetics to
welcome visitors.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

Celebration picture taken from Municipality of Atenas’ Facebook Page.

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