Live the Day Fully!

Dear Friends,

A beautiful morning greets us, the lush green landscape a gift for the eyes.
The stillness in the air is an invitation to get out early to breathe in all the
goodness and revel in the energy that being outdoors naturally restores. It’s
amazing what a break from technology can do for our overall health. Take
a few minutes each day to quietly go within to listen to how you are feeling.

Celebrations in our county leading up to our 150th anniversary in August
have been going on since January. The outstanding collaboration with the
local government from the business sector, the artists and the residents has
made this a lovely journey which will wrap up in a five-day celebration
beginning Friday August 3rd. The published program being circulated in
town has listed activities for everyone. All are invited to come and enjoy it.

Living in a small town like Atenas has always been my dream. I feel very
fortunate to have been able to witness and enjoy the many changes over the
years. Yesterday I read some very negative comments on social media that
censured almost every decision made in recent months in our little town. It
is entertaining to read opinions from people whose habitual narrative adds
negativity to an already charged audience. The comments evidence where
the “judge” is as a person and prod me to have a compassionate attitude.

I love my Sundays. They start off leisurely and I allow myself the space to
review my week and prepare for the upcoming one. My favorite Sundays
have become the ones that unfold moment by moment, without sticking to
a particular plan. Living in this town, with its unique idiosyncrasy, gives
me a strong sense of belonging. I believe the key to well-being is forming
strong social bonds. I am grateful to my parents for providing the blueprint
for positive participation in community groups.

Live today fully and have a wonderful week, Marietta

Image of celebration poster from Atenas Municipality Facebook Page

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