Atenas Turns 150!

Dear Friends,

The day is just beginning. The scent of fresh coffee is wafting through the
house. The clouds glide slowly across the pale blue sky and a slight breeze
cools my arms. The tranquility of the morning is interrupted momentarily
by a dog’s bark and a loudspeaker car making early morning announcements.
Get out early today and enjoy the benefits of movement and relaxation.

Atenas is throwing a big party this weekend to mark its 150th anniversary!
A wealth of programming today and continuing until Tuesday (the actual day
of the anniversary) is attached below. The events have been planned with a
focus on fun for the entire family. Many from our small, friendly and diverse
community have volunteered their time to ensure this important day does not
go by quietly.

As we celebrate and open our doors to visitors, it is a good time to recall our
history; to revisit how the town started; to reflect on where we are right now
and plan for our future. Towns like Atenas, close to San José but retaining a
small-town quality, are harder and harder to find in Costa Rica. It is vital that
we remember our roots and work towards maintaining the positive aspects that
make it unique.

Atenas is finally looking forward to receiving the potable water service it has
waited years to get. With the culmination of this project, which will require the
closing of the road that connects Atenas with Grecia from August 9th until the
24th, the fundamental rights of the population will be honored. The excitement
in the air is palpable as people can now look forward to building homes and
expanding their businesses. The challenge is to counterbalance development
with a growing strong, rural economy that our young people can participate
and have faith in and that we can all enjoy.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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