The Personal Touch

Dear Friends,

Here we are living another rejuvenation Sunday! It is just beautiful outside my
window and I feel blessed and grateful. I watch the trees swaying gently with
the breeze caressing their branches. The clear skies might not accompany us
all day so let’s get out early to enjoy the sense of freedom and pleasure Nature
provides while we stretch and move our bodies.

There are no words to adequately express my admiration for the group of
young people who put together last week’s celebration in the sports plaza for
the enjoyment of the community. The small group worked for months to make
sure everything came together with modest support from their more mature
counterparts in the local government. For those of us who attended some or
all of the events, it was a truly enjoyable festival of crafts, music and food.

I spend a great deal of my time reading and writing. My interest focuses
mainly on human interaction, both digital and personal, and the way in which
relationships have changed in the years since I have returned to Costa Rica.
Living in Atenas, nestled and protected yet close to the “metropolis” that is
San José, provides me with the sense of tranquility so restorative to my being.
The self-imposed cognitive overload I expose myself to daily is alleviated by
gazing out my window while listening to beautiful classical music.

Although I enjoy the technological options at my disposal and accept them as
a normal part of our daily socializing, there is nothing quite as satisfying to me
as the in-person communications that spontaneously arise when I am walking
about in the neighborhood. In 1973, I lived with my grandmother in San José.
On Sundays after Mass, we would sometimes “drop-in” unannounced to family
because not everyone had a phone back then.

I was not always comfortable with these surprise visits, fearing no one would
be home to receive us. My grandmother’s optimism never failed us. Our visit
was a welcome treat and soon water was boiled to brew the coffee that would
accompany the pastries we had brought with us. These nostalgic memories are
stirred here in Atenas where modernity has not yet allowed us to forget these
pleasant traditions of the past because people still mostly connect personally.

Have a beautiful Sunday and an excellent week, Marietta

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