The charm of Geography!

Dear Friends,

The morning is warm and still. I can hear the gurgle of the oropendola that
has been visiting our area recently. In the afternoon, I expect to hear the
distinctive sound of a toucan’s bill hitting a branch in a nearby tree. I have
only seen one of each which makes me wonder where the rest of their flock
is. I feel privileged that the tall canopies on the trees nearby allow me to
witness their presence. Get out early today, enjoying Nature before it rains.

My latest visit to the hairdresser provided a vibrant glimpse into the part
these professionals play in community life. Everyone I know has their
favorite stylist who can deliver glamour in our small town despite working
from tiny, unglamorous shops on unremarkable streets. After several tries, I
have finally found someone who not only appreciates my thick, curly hair
but also understands me. It is a wonderful connection that we both enjoy.

Overhauling my hair every six weeks takes a while. We clients play musical
chairs, depending on the “stage” our procedure is in. Our attention is caught
each time the doorbell rings. Our stylist greets each new arrival as the rest
of us look on and discretely share a collective experience in this unique
gathering place. Sometimes the visitor is asking for directions, delivering
supplies or coming to settle an unpaid bill from a previous visit. These rare
encounters add joy to my day and make me thankful for simple living.

The last few years have delivered concrete evidence of where the future of retail
is headed. Going to a store or to the mall no longer holds the attraction it once
did because much of our shopping can be done online. The charm of geography
is something retailers need to incorporate to contribute something unique that
will entice customers to visit them. I joked with my stylist that I wanted to clear
my calendar and spend an entire day at her shop because of the good feelings I
experienced there. No lack of geographical or personal charm in our little town!

Have a wonderful day and a joyful week, Marietta

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