A Day of Celebrations

Dear Friends,

Another renewal Sunday morning greets me. The bells are ringing in the nearby
church. The “music” grounds me, reminding me of the importance of being in
the present moment for successful quiet reflection. It is chilly and raining in
Queens, NY where I find myself right now. I will still get out and move my
body in appreciation for all the gifts Nature bestows on me. Breathe in deeply,
thankfully acknowledging everything in your life today, even challenges.

When I began writing this morning I remembered that my colleagues at the
Hogar de Ancianos have been working for hours making sure everything is
ready for today’s 6th MTB fundraising event. In these increasingly financially-
difficult times, we are grateful for the donor backing of over 1000 cyclists
from all over the country who are participating. This overwhelming support is
crucial so we can continue to provide for and improve the quality of life for
our residents.

Today is a day of celebrations! It is Day of the Child in Costa Rica, and National
Grandparents day in the U.S. I will be celebrating my own birthday this week
and Costa Rica is just about to commemorate its 197th Independence Day! The
festive red, white and blue decorations, together with the sounds of school
bands practicing and children making simple or elaborate lanterns have been a
subtle part of my birthday celebrations for years. I am proud of our trajectory of
peace. I will be thinking of my homeland as I go about my activities here in N.Y.

I find myself enjoying everything more as a consequence of getting older. I live
my days more fully. I celebrate being alive and healthy and able to tell those I
care about that I do so. I appreciate all of you who allow me to come into your
busy lives each week to share a bit of myself. It brings me great joy to receive
your feedback as well, it is an important connection that we share, one I hope to
enjoy for many more years!

May we all have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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