A projection for the future

Dear Friends,

A small family of birds outside my window in Queens serves as my
gentle alarm clock this morning. It is a beautiful day here, made even
more gratifying by the absence of the weekday cacophony that assaults
my ears as horn-happy drivers pass by our street. The gritty urban land-
scape is in sharp contrast to the lush green hills I will return to soon. I
am grateful as I walk and behold the fleeting beauty and changes in the
city of my youth. Get out early today and breathe in Nature’s goodness.

September is a good month to make a proper inventory of any realistic
projects I hope to conclude before the year is over. With each birthday, I
am reminded of how quickly time passes. I have long had the habit of
writing down three things I would like to accomplish every day, sort of
a “time budget”. One thing I have noticed is that my lists have become
more realistically flexible. I have become very businesslike about limiting
the distractions that waste precious minutes of my day like social media!

Costa Rica celebrated 197 years of Independence on Saturday. The
Independence torch that changed hands every few kilometers through
a noticeably-disrupted Central America finally arrived in Cartago via
helicopter. Although President Carlos Alvarado had prepared a speech to
deliver, he shelved it and responded directly to 7th grader Nazareth Mena
Guevara’s passionate and challenging oratorical speech delivered earlier.

This young student invited us to daydream with her what the Province of
Cartago in the year 2050 could be like. She provided a rich and detailed
template, reminding us that “the future is written today, step by step, action
after action” and requires everyone’s grain of sand. In his direct response to
her as a representative of her generation, Carlos Alvarado said her speech
comforted him because she saw a promising and hopeful future.

President Alvarado reviewed briefly the complicated internal and external
political reasons we are at this conjuncture. He regrets that the disposition
to dialogue that has characterized our nation has been diverted. He ended by
thanking Nazareth for her outlook regarding the future because it inspired
him, filled him with pride and renewed his commitment to dialogue. I was
very moved and thankful that modern technology made it possible to see.

Have a terrific, optimistic Sunday and a great week, Marietta

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