An eventful trip

Dear Friends,

Autumn has just begun in New York. The weather is mostly mild and pleasant.
The leaves on the trees are about to begin changing colors. It is very nice for a
visit and to walk around. I am, however, happily back in Atenas after two weeks
away. The lush green landscape that welcomes me home is a feast for my eyes
that lifts my spirits and fills me with gratitude. Get out early today to make some
great memories with family and friends.

My time in New York went very quickly yet I was able to accomplish the goals
I set, which included being able to spend time with beloved family and friends.
Having a support network of family and friends is often cited as a component to
living a long and healthier life. I know that relationships must be nurtured so they
can contribute the emotional vitality so important to longevity. My heartfelt
thanks to my family and friends who make time for me during these short visits
cannot be unacknowledged.

Every trip I go on provides ample opportunities to observe the way people react
to the small and large frustrations encountered during travel. Those whose
behavior forces fellow passengers to be unintentional participants to their events
are often a source of fascination and subsequent rumination for me. I imagine
myself changing places with the protagonists, seeing the event from the different
perspectives. I find this mental exercise has allowed me to become more under-
standing of other views.

On the flight home last week, there was a sick passenger a few rows in front of
me. It was hard to determine what the passenger was experiencing because he
was unable to explain it. The flight attendants requested any healthcare profes-
sionals to identify themselves and a nurse answered the call. She established
that the person was experiencing a hypertensive crisis and had no medication.
A request to other passengers produced the necessary pill. The man was
stabilized by the time we landed an hour later, during which time we had much
turbulence and some delay getting to the gate.

The relief of landing after our eventful flight provoked cheers and clapping from
the passengers. Once on the ground, the pilot requested we all remain in our
seats so that a medical team could come on board to assist the man. I was very
proud of all of us; we were anxious to get off the plane but no one complained
about the extra time we had to sit still after our long ordeal. Our collective
display of solidarity and empathy affirmed my belief in the overwhelmingly
cooperative nature of most people.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

One thought on “An eventful trip

  1. You are a truly sweet, caring person. Thanks for posting this and reminding us to be aware of fellow passengers on airplanes that may be experiencing medical difficulties. It happens more often than we realize and being mindful and considerate is an important factor. I miss your happy self!

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