A Human Storm

Dear Friends,

I don’t know exactly what woke me up before 5 a.m. this morning; maybe
the sunrise igniting the canvases that are the walls of my room. I made my
way to the terrace and took a picture of the beauty that made my eyes smile
and my heart dance with the joy of being alive. Get out early today and feel
all the colors that are revealed in nature throughout the day.

October has begun with more rain than I can remember in recent years. The
grass is spongy under my feet, prompting me to be more careful when I take
my walks with our dog. Paying attention to our surroundings is a good habit
to develop, not only for our safety, but also because it allows us to live in the
present moment, rather than the past or future. One moment of distraction can
find us on the way to the emergency room with fractured limbs, as many of us
can attest to!

The recent strikes in Costa Rica in response to the Tax Reform plan currently
being discussed in congress have sparked reckless behavior on many fronts.
The tone and content of many comments on social media have taken a nasty
turn. While I am sometimes tempted to respond, I have set up reminders all
around me that force me to think before I act. There is really not much I can
do to affect what is going on in the streets. I have, however, read extensively
on the proposals, and that has enabled me to uncover distorted perspectives.

A year ago, Costa Rica was severely affected by Tropical Storm Nate. The
human storm affecting us this year has many names. The consequences are
concrete as visitors change their plans, children miss school, and people are
late getting places. The spirit of solidarity and collaboration do still exist as
evidenced by reports of teenagers walking long distances to their schools to
take the exams they’ve prepared for, and teachers returning to the classrooms
to administer them. I will keep hoping for an increase in these positive reports.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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