Volunteers Are The Air We Need

Dear Friends,

It was joyful to be aroused from sleep this morning by the golden light
streaming through the windows, brightening my room and energizing
my spirit. There is nothing better than sunshine to encourage me to get
out, stretch my body and bless everything that surrounds me. Go out and
enjoy all the gifts Nature bestows on you today.

We are in the last week of a month that has celebrated the Older Person.
This year’s theme is celebrating older people around the world who have
dedicated their lives to championing human rights. Human rights allow us
(older folk) to contribute to the functioning of society as we did when we
were younger. The particular needs and challenges faced by older people
need to be considered and integrated into policies that affect all of us.

Although I am in my third year as part of the “Senior Citizen Demographic”,
this is the first year that I am actually embracing that reality and enjoying
the inherent dignity that comes with getting older. It is essential to reflect on
the contributions and impact of our population on all aspects of society and
even more so in light of the prediction that by 2030 we will outnumber the
15-24 age bracket (unfpa.org). We need to ensure that our commitment to
human rights is all inclusive.

Last week I had the opportunity to spend time with diverse groups of people
of different ages in a variety of settings. The last event I attended was a dinner
to thank volunteers for their contribution to the success of the MTB fundraiser
for the Hogar de Ancianos in Atenas that was held in September. I reviewed the
financial reports (a vital aspect for me as the treasurer of the organization) and
listened to the feedback from tired but happy attendees planning the 2019 event!

It was very gratifying to have the chance to meet and thank the individuals who
donated their time and energy to fundraise with us. We would not be able to do
all we aspire to do for our residents without these amazing volunteers who are
the air we need to achieve our mission of optimum quality of life for our
Senior Citizens at the Hogar.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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