Supporting a Good Idea

Dear Friends,

As I welcome another renewal Sunday at this early hour, I am filled with
gratitude and calm. I take deep breaths that I find relax and center me. I gaze
at the layers and layers of hills in the distance and anticipate the colors that
I can feast upon once the sun shines its golden light to make them visible.
Get outside early today and seize a day full of possibilities.

The past week has found our small town of Atenas celebrating its Patron
Saint, St. Rafael. Although the current Pastor’s style of leading and serving
is often criticized by those who have different viewpoints on how traditional
celebrations should be carried out, it appears that turnout was excellent and
the religious acts, musical events and gastronomic delights pleased everyone
from children to senior citizens, whose month we are also commemorating!

The Hogar de Ancianos lost our oldest resident, doña Romelia, who was 104!
When she was 102, doña Romelia told me that she had no idea why she was
still alive. I asked for her secret to longevity and she answered modestly that
she had tried to live a simple life that included being grateful. I was touched
when she held my hand and thanked me for spending a few minutes with her.
Her tender blessing when I left her has had a transformative effect on me.

I consider myself a fortunate and extremely resilient person. I don’t often allow
my energy to depleted by seemingly unsurmountable obstacles towards a goal.
The long-standing teacher’s strike that is affecting about one million students in
Costa Rica has incited divisive conflict in our traditionally peaceful nation. The
financial consequences are already in evidence as some small business have
had to close for lack of business. At this point, the end is not in sight and I
admit I feel a little helpless because it is a not an area I have influence in.

The holiday season is coming soon.  The Angel Tree project has started. More
than 300 names of underprivileged children have been received.  Tina Newton,
the original creator of this project said once that “when it’s a good idea, people
jump in and make it work”. I know that this year, as in the past, the children
will be able to celebrate the holiday with a party and a gift. I picked up a couple
of “angels” yesterday from the tree at La Coope because I do believe it is a good
idea and fortunately one I can do something about.

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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