An energizing outing

Dear Friends,

A beautiful morning greets me. The sun’s warmth on my shoulders enables me
to welcome a new day of possibilities and living. As I stretch, my brain calls
forth mental pictures of the flowers of the sugar cane fields across the way. It
is the first year that the tall teak trees on our property block my view of those
favorites and I am grateful I have many pictures of years past. The rains have
worked their magic once again. We are currently in the transition period. Go
out early today and enjoy the gifts you have all around you.

November is here. It is my personal invitation to focus on all the things in my
life that continue to bring me joy despite the trials and tribulations going on all
around me. Although I missed a spectacular sunset a few days ago, my friends
have shared pictures they have taken of the majestic skylines where they live.
I am in awe of the beauty captured in the images of the same evening. We are
truly connected by an invisibly strong thread that crosses oceans and shores.

I went to La Coope yesterday afternoon. Saturdays there are always quite busy.
Discounts carry the day and tastings provide an opportunity for consumers to
try out new products and access information about what they are buying.
Yesterday, two additional activities were being held on the supermarket’s
premises: an animal adoption fair and sign-up opportunities for the Angel Tree
Program which benefits children from poor families with a party and gifts
during the holiday season.

I have always been a fan of this supermarket. The basic values of cooperativism
(equality, equity, democracy and solidarity) are in evidence throughout the year.
Despite my difficulty finding a parking spot yesterday, I was glad I persevered.
I have come to know a lot of people in the almost 17 years we have lived in this
small town. Once I was inside the store, there were many I was able to greet. I
left the store with more than my purchases. I felt exhilarated and energized by
the cheerful people I ran into. It was a satisfying outing I hope to repeat soon.

Have a terrific day and a wonderful week, Marietta

One thought on “An energizing outing

  1. Wonderful Posting! Yes, you maintain your commitment to a Sunday blog and never miss. You have inspired me once again. After I hit my 1667 NaNo words for the day I will write a blog! “The dilemma of the Red Boots.” There, I have put it in writing…now I HAVE to do it! Happy Sunday!

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