Giving back blessings

Dear Friends,

I am greeted by a beautiful morning. From the terrace, I see the vivid sun
painting a gorgeous scene over the mountains. The birds provide a varied
soundtrack for the blue skies that inspire me, alone with my thoughts, to
bask in gratitude for Nature and its gifts. Get out early to live a day when
you are fully present as you stretch and breathe in life’s goodness.

On a recent drive, I paid close attention to the magnificent panorama made
by the feathery pink grass flowers that line the side of the road in parts of
Atenas. I know that the browns and yellows will replace the lush green we
have been enjoying as the dry season comes our way. The breezes remind
me that the holidays are near and that another year is coming to an end. It
has been a memorable year for me, one filled with significant family events.

I believe that getting older and losing loved ones has forced me to evaluate
my relationships closely. I am paying more attention to the ways in which I
choose to spend valuable time. My connection to nature, community and my
family have always been a source of personal happiness. It is important to
become or remain serene in the presence of world negativity. I am reminding
myself constantly that I am in charge of my reactions to events around me.

With year’s end come many opportunities for celebrations wherever you live.
This is also the time when many communities sponsor activities to brighten
the holidays for children in need. I reviewed the “wish list” of the “Angels” I
am sponsoring this year; they are heartbreakingly simple. I am determined to
find gifts that will delight them and make them feel special. My hope is that
they will recall moments of joy when they are older and in better conditions
so that they can brighten someone else’s life too.

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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