An evening of Rock and Roll

Dear Friends,

It is a splendid morning. My heart lifts as I go outdoors, bird binoculars in
hand. I listen intently until I think I can identify the general area where the
toucan that has eluded me for weeks is perched. I focus my binoculars and
my eyes eventually locate the stunning beak with magnificent colors. As I
stretch my body in gratitude, I catch a glimpse of two bright green parrots.
Get out early today and notice how many birds you have in your area.

December’s cool breezes will begin soon. Preparations in our minds, spirits
and homes have begun. Most of us are eagerly anticipating visits from and
with loved ones. The holiday decorations are everywhere. Many of us have
volunteered to do something in our community to ensure that families less
fortunate than we are can also enjoy this wonderful time of year.

Last night FLASHBACK performed a benefit concert for the Atenas Hogar
de Ancianos which was well-attended and supported by fans of the band and
members of the community. The venue was alive with classic rock and roll
for over three hours. Attendees crowded the dance floor with their exuberant
moves and shakes! They were evidence that rock and roll is not just music,
but music with staying power.

FLASHBACK L-R: Jack, Tom, Piet, Harriet, Bob, Karen, Kip

The power of music to enrich our lives is real. Although we have not finalized
the financial aspects, we believe the event will prove to have been another great
successful fundraiser for the Hogar. We are very grateful to FLASHBACK for
their initiative, promotional efforts and generosity. We thank all the volunteers
whose time and talents were critical to the success of this event. And of course,
our heartfelt thanks to the audience for all the positive feedback.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a terrific week, Marietta

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