Space to Thrive

Dear Friends,

I stepped out on my terrace a few hours ago, captured in part by the sound of
two doves calling from opposite directions. Perhaps in 2019, I will keep a log
of the birds that visit our garden. My eyes travel over the unending blue sky
with its fluffy clouds. My breathing is calm as I stretch and appreciate all that
surrounds me. Get out early today and take in all of Nature’s goodness.

My collection of African Violets has been growing steadily over the years. The
plants bloom often. The flowers last a long time. I have noticed that one was
showing signs of distress in wilted leaves. I was reluctant to investigate the
cause because the purple blooms were so beautiful. I gave in yesterday and
discovered that four distinct plants were “sharing” one small container. Even
the heartiest plants need their own space to continue thriving, hopefully their
changed environment has come in time to allow this.

Our town is infused right now with the energy and optimism of the season. Many
activities that center on children have been held in the last few days, inspiring a
feeling of generosity and kindness. The sights, sounds and aromas that fill the air
reflect the holiday cheer despite the difficulties our nation and the world have been
through in 2018. The tamale-making tradition continues to unite families and their
communities. This Christmas staple cannot be missing from tico homes!

The December breezes bring back wonderful memories of Christmases when our
children were younger and our family was all in one place. Recent holidays have
found us apart, connected by Skype calls or email. We have celebrated Christmas
in January a few times. The date is not as important as is the joy and magic of being
together. My heart swells with nostalgia when I see that, like my African violets,
our children need their own space in which to thrive. It is a bittersweet realization.

I wish you all a magnificent day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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