A beautiful Sunday

Dear Friends,

I am greeted by a gorgeous Sunday morning and I hope the same is true for you
wherever you find yourself at this busy time of the year. Go outside early today.
Live a day filled with passion, being in the moment and grateful for all the things
in your life.

The last few weeks have been filled with the many activities that come around
during this season. It is a time for joy and reflection as I contemplate what the
year 2018 has brought to my life. I anticipate with optimism that 2019 will be an
opportunity to put in practice all the mental exercises I have been reading about!
Looking back over the past helps bring closure to the current year and make me
ready for the next one.

On Friday morning, I was awakened by the sound of cars and lawn mowers outside
our once quiet “country” road. For a moment, I felt confused then remembered that
there is a new construction going on in our neighborhood. I did what I normally do
on weekdays: breathe deeply while I look at the majestic landscape which the dry
season will change soon. I listen to the birds as they fly from perch to perch and go
in search for the pair of owls that have adopted us. It fills me with joy to locate them!

Atenas and Costa Rica have changed tremendously in the last 20 years; more than I
had ever anticipated and in ways that baffle me. I am grateful we chose this county
because despite the modernization, it continues to hold the traditional values which
are vanishing from our planet. During this season of joy, I seek opportunities to get
in touch with people I don’t see during the year and I am grateful to be included in
their thoughts as well.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week.

2 thoughts on “A beautiful Sunday

  1. You are in my thoughts! I’m still recovering from NaNo and now must get back to writing as you must also. We have books to write! Stories to tell. Thanks for always giving us the “Sunday reminder” to appreciate and enjoy the treasures we have!

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