Here comes 2019!

Dear Friends,

The sun is bright on this marvelous last Sunday of 2018! The birds are singing and
flying in the distance with such energy that my own spirit is renewed. Let’s begin
the day early, breathing deeply in gratitude for the year that is concluding and
exhaling with optimism for the one we are about to start! It is vital to take care of
our bodies with good nutrition, movement and a few minutes of quiet reflection.

The gentle breezes of December complement the very dark sky that we have been
enjoying the last couple of days nicely. It is possible to see stars and other celestial
objects and experience that wonderful feeling of awe that reminds us that we are not
alone, but rather an infinitesimal part of a universe. My hope is that 2019 will allow
us to become more focused on working towards the greater good by helping others,
volunteering, caring for our environment, etc.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. It will be nice to suspend all my responsibilities for
the day and set aside time to enjoy the family that is here with us celebrating this
gratifying season. We are especially blessed to be enjoying good health and almost
all of our immediate family gathering in one place. I think I can safely say we are
feeling replenished and enthusiastic as we share what we have done this year and
what our goals are for 2019.

As is normal most years, we have lost some beloved members in our family but
have also celebrated several new arrivals and many other accomplishments. Today
we will celebrate my father’s 90th birthday, a milestone I hope to celebrate one day
also. I don’t know whether I have been a good daughter, but my father’s unwavering
support of me throughout my life has meant more to me than I can ever express.
I hope he knows this.

My heartfelt best wishes to each and every one of you as we welcome the new year.
May it be filled with everything you desire, deserve and work for.


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