Water finally comes to Atenas!

Dear Friends,

A perfectly beautiful sunny Sunday morning beckons me to the terrace. I am
luxuriating in feeling the sun on my shoulders and the soft breeze brush my
face. At this moment, my life is perfect. Gratitude fills my heart and energy is
available for me to meet the activities of the day and coming week. Get out to
enjoy this wonderful day that allows us to rejoice in being alive.

After an arduous, continuous six-year battle, the inauguration ceremony for the
expanded and upgraded water system was finally held in our small county on
Friday, January 11th. After decades of living with unbearable water shortages,
recent weeks have greeted most households in our town with a new reality:
running water all day! In some areas, the strong pressure has damaged overly
dry and old pipes, but the water utility is working hard to correct this quickly.

Our president, Carlos Alvarado, and other high-level local and national officials
were in attendance for this joyous occasion. Residents who were the active and
relentless participants in the many meetings, protests and conferences finally had
the satisfaction of seeing the positive results of working together with courage,
determination and energy. The cutting of the ribbon by two young community
members, chosen at random in the moment, was especially rewarding to see.

2019 has just begun yet here we are at mid-month! It is important to remember
that the days, weeks and months go quickly. Our goals for the year, whether they
are modest or ambitious, should be approached with presence and alertness. We
cannot control what is going on around us most of the time, but we do have the
ability to manage our responses and correct attitudes that are not allowing us to
fulfill our objectives. Let’s commit to the journey and enjoy our achievements.

Have a wonderful Sunday and an excellent week, Marietta

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