Jimmy’s return

Dear Friends,

I began writing a little later than normal today. I am looking out my window
from a different perspective. The seasonal Costa Rica winds have required
closing the doors to keep the dust and debris from entering our home and
knocking our pictures off the walls. The air is warm and pleasant enough to
consider a brief walk before the winds pick up later in the day. Whatever the
weather where you are, be grateful for another day of conscious internal peace.

January’s days are speeding by. My efforts at organizing my office have led me
to review journals that remind me how much more can be accomplished when
I focus my efforts on one or two realistic and manageable endeavors. My office
is still not as clutter-free as it can be, but I am closer than I was at this time
last year. Time disappears regardless of what we do with it, it is important to feel
content with the way we are using it.

On my way home from town last Friday I noticed Jimmy, the Pied Piper who
visits Atenas every “summer” delighting (or shocking) us with his golden tan
and wildly tinted eyebrows, goatee and chest hair. Matching shades and shorts
complete his outfit and make him even more visible as he begins his daily task
of picking up trash in the park. Seeing him there on Friday made me aware of
the physical changes our park has undergone in the last 12 months.

I did not have a chance to talk to Jimmy; I hope to do so in the next few weeks
before it is time for him to head back to Canada. Jimmy’s commitment to raising
awareness of the impact that our carbon footprint has on our planet is admirable.
I am interested in hearing more about his climate activism and about his “success”
in Atenas. In the rush of life, it is easy to take things for granted. Jimmy seems to
have found a unique way to slow down and be glad about how he spends his time.

Have a wonderful day, stay safe and have a great week too, Marietta

Picture of Jimmy with permission from Mary Martin Mason

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