Living our best days!

Dear Friends,

As I begin this greeting today, I am aware that it is the last Sunday in a January
that seems to have just begun. I say it often: time passes regardless of our plans
so it is best to maximize each day, beginning with the habit to stretch our body,
breathe in gratitude and smile at the prospect of being able to live a good one.
Get out early if you can, don’t let this day get away from you.

One of the many blessings I treasure and do not take for granted is the weekly
breakfast I enjoy on Sundays. The incentive to rise begins with the aroma of
the culinary creativity I know is going on in the kitchen while I am sipping my
first cup of Atenas (of course!) coffee. As my memory journeys over the week
in search of the morning’s topic, I am presented with a scrumptious meal that
has been beautifully plated for me and is much appreciated by me.

Nature, full of beauty, greets me this morning. My eyes rest on the bare limbs
of a tree that is firmly rooted in front of several other trees that are perennially
full of green leaves. The naked branches serve as a temporary perch for the
pandemonium of parrots that gather each afternoon to add a bit of excitement
to my days in this tropical paradise. I can never tire of the exquisite landscape,
the same and yet different each day of the year.

Yesterday’s semi-annual assembly at the Hogar de Ancianos generated in me a
feeling of optimism. The projected renovations and the additions to the buildings
that are home to our senior citizens reflect our commitment to continue improving
the resident experience. A short video highlighting the activities during October
(senior citizen month) reminded me of how advantageous it is for everyone when
the local community is integrated with the residents, relatives and staff. Living
our golden years at home is always optimal, but not always possible. Thankfully
the Hogar de Ancianos de Atenas provides and exceptional option.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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