Living our days without rushing!

Dear Friends,

A beautiful morning greets me. As my ears take in the layers and layers of sound
that travel through the air (bird songs, dog barks, choir hymns), I allow my eyes
to roam over the landscape slowly. I want to get a clear view of the changes the
dry season is making. The yellows and browns of this time of year remind me to
look at my surroundings from an artist’s perspective, to be more appreciative. Get
out early today, give in to your body’s natural desire for movement.

I have had an exceptional week of happy-memory making. Every day has been
filled with people and activities that have served as nourishment for my soul. It
has been a week with constant reminders of how focusing on the positive aspects
of our own life is more enriching than paying attention to the constant stream of
negative narratives about the terrible things going on around the world. It brings
me satisfaction to try to improve my immediate surroundings and community.

During the dry (or high) season, our town receives many tourists and people who
are exploring the area for possible retirement in the future. Every person I meet
has a different description for what I consider “perfection” and I am increasingly
aware of how important it is to insist on promoting the protection of our natural
resources so we can continue to enjoy them for generations to come. My heart is
joyful when I observe the delight of people who are first-time visitors to Atenas.

As I prepare for what will be another busy week, I am grateful for a quiet Sunday,
a day that will allow reflection and serenity while I enjoy the sights and sounds of
the neighborhood. It is important to take time to really partake in our daily pursuits
so they are more than just a blur in our memory. Our modern days are lived so fast
it is sensible to personally go slowly, to capture as much of our world as we can.

Have a terrific day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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