It Is Not Necessary To Rush

Dear Friends,
Greetings on this breezy, sunny, renew-your-spirit Sunday.  I began my day
by observing the long, sustained flight of a single black vulture as it took full
advantage of the updrafts of the wind blowing over the hills. I was envious of
its ability to remain aloft and watched while it sank slowly and then was gone
from my line of vision. I was inspired to stretch, breathe and be grateful for an
opportunity to witness such a gift. Get out early today and enjoy Nature.
Every week when I venture into San José, I am struck by the contrasting views.
The dry season brings with it the opportunity to appreciate the spectacular trees
that bloom with vibrant color. This week while waiting in a traffic jam, I gazed
at the hills of Alajuelita, formerly home to extensive coffee plantations. The
mountains served as a subtle background for the flowering canopies of giant
poró trees that seemed to set them on fire.
My eyes focused on the vivid orange color. For a moment, I was able to exclude
the urban electrical cables that obstructed my view. The foreground became a blur
as my perspective captured a different image. I took a mental picture and felt my
mood elevate as traffic got going again. There were a few more opportunities to
look at the horizon before I reached my destination. I felt rested and serene.
When our children were growing up, we had hectic days of activity. I often found
myself rushing from one place to another. I misplaced keys, forgot where I left my
sunglasses, neglected my plants, but fortunately never lost my children! Every so
often these days, I slip into the habit of unnecessary rushing. I have to remind my-
self that it is wiser to stay in the moment and experience joy from life’s simple
pleasures like the flight of the vulture and the blooming trees of the season.
Have a wonderful day and an excellent week, Marietta

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