An eye-opening and positive adventure!

Dear Friends,

I woke up early this morning to an inspiring peach-orange sunrise that made
me feel sublimely calm and secure in Nature’s embrace. I closed my eyes for
one minute (or so I thought) and when I opened my eyes again, the sky was a
hazy white, the layers of mountains no longer visible except in my memory. I
will see them as the day passes. Get out early today and stretch in gratitude
and joy as you delight in another day on earth.

The bridge between Atenas and Grecia was recently completed after the six-
month period of extensive work required for the improvement of the aqueduct
that brings water to Atenas. The strained relationship that the two counties have
had in recent years because of the water scarcity in Atenas appears to be over
and we seem to have returned to the spirit of solidarity that characterizes our
two counties.

A friend and I had an errand to run in the center of Grecia last week. I was aware
of the new parking platform in Grecia, so I had downloaded the application, put
money in the “virtual wallet” and was optimistic all would work well. Once we
were there, however, I had no real idea of how to proceed. Fortunately, there was
a young parking officer who was professional and extremely helpful as he pointed
out the “intuitive” steps I missed! I was very impressed with the whole system and
want to return to Grecia soon just so I can repeat the process independently!

I have always admired the uniqueness of Grecia. In 1989 Grecia was named as
the “cleanest city in Latin America”. Today, Grecia can boast that it is the first
city in Latin America to have the “most modern parking platform”, making it a
smart city, an essential component to its goal of supporting the development of
tourism, the community and local commerce. Our outing to Grecia last week was
an eye-opening and very positive experience. I am hopeful that the renovations
being undertaken in Atenas will also be a source of pride for our community.

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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