Teachings from our pet

Dear Friends,

I am sitting in my usual writing place, gazing out the window into a warm,
somewhat hazy morning sky. The canopies of nearby trees sway gently as
a calm breeze passes through them. My ears capture the random sounds of
the morning (birds, music, car engines). I summon the discipline to breathe
slowly and concentrate on nothing except breathing for a moment. Get out
early today and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors before the day gets away.

Our dog, Lila, is a wonderful reminder of how important it is to live in the
moment. Whenever I sit down to write, Lila will come over and lie down on
my feet. She silently secures me in place, temporarily preventing me from
paying attention to anything but the pressure of her weight and the feel of
her velvety black fur as her body lands on my feet. Her behavior makes me
feel the strength of our bond and the unconditional love our pets provide us.

I watch Lila as she sleeps at my feet. Her breathing is steady. The sound of
the keyboard seems to lull her into a deep slumber and I can feel my feet go
numb from her weight. I study her face in repose. I wonder for the millionth
time why destiny brought us together. I shift my feet slowly so I don’t disturb
her. She raises her head to see if I am getting up, ready to follow me. When
she sees I was just repositioning my feet, she repositions herself on them! I
smile and enjoy the moment, accepting that I would miss the love otherwise.

Very comfy bed

These are the moments that matter: the present with our children, our family,
our friends and our pets. Instead of worrying about everything and nothing,
I am trying to focus on what needs my attention at present. Watering my ever
increasing collection of African violets soothes me. Their constant flowering
shows that they appreciate my taking a few minutes to tend to them with my
full attention in the now.

A few of my beauties

Have a wonderful day full of presence and a great week, Marietta

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