A Great Lesson

Dear Friends,

Today’s is a lovely, calm morning. I am filled with gratitude for all the
things in my life that bring me joy: my family, my pet, my home and the
wonderful community in which I have been able to participate fully for
almost 17 years! Nature’s rhythm throughout the year is a confirmation
of the passing of time. I feel an urgency to be wholly present as I go about
my daily routines. Let’s all go outside and enjoy the goodness of the day.

Just around this time three years ago, I was getting ready to go on a one-
week trip to Cuba. I devoted a few minutes prior to going to the airport on
watering my African violets which were looking droopy and almost dead
from the dry windy spell we were having then. I wasn’t sure they would be
alive when I returned but thanks to my husband’s attention during my trip,
they survived. I kept my promise to be a better owner. Their present great
state is evidence of the proper watering and feeding schedule I adhere to.

I visit my Dad on a weekly basis in San Jose. It is a very enjoyable outing
for me because I get to see him and also experience the differences between
town and country living! We usually have lunch at the same place because
the waitress knows us and showers us with attention and affection. Near the
restaurant is a small fruit stand where my Dad buys his produce after lunch.
We began to notice that the quality of the products was declining weekly as
was the “customer service”. It was obvious that the young man working there
didn’t enjoy his profession! We stopped patronizing his small business.

colorful produce display

Recently, our waitress brought us some delicious watermelon slices and told
us we should try the fruit stand again because it was under “new” management.
Much to our delight, an amazing amount of visually appealing displays were
overflowing with fresh fruit and vegetables just waiting to be chosen. Even the
young clerk looked and acted differently. He rushed to help us with a smile on
his face. “New” management (his father) no doubt realized from bad reviews
that his son needed encouragement and guidance to be successful. We are all
winners in his decision to become more attentive to his business and customers.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

Image of produce from Bing.com free to share and use images

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