Children’s laughter!

Dear Friends,

It is a delightfully sunny Sunday morning where I am. The winds are still for a
moment. The calm affords me the chance to hear a mix of birds singing while I
contemplate the beauty of the bright flowers that make their appearance at this
time of the year. I let my eyes rest on the landscape while I stretch in gratitude
for everything in my life today. Get out early and enjoy Nature’s goodness.

Last Monday morning I went to the bank to deposit a check. Although banking
behavior worldwide is mostly digital, our national system is still catching up so
my transaction required my presence. The wait in the “sitting line” was pretty
long and I thought about returning later but decided I was out already, I might
as well just wait it out. I resigned myself to a long wait but the line moved fast.

Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) has been remodeling its offices for months. There
are no physical barriers between the tellers and the customers now. I find this
total visibility a bit disconcerting but there must be some reasoning behind the
decision. It was impossible for me not to notice that while one teller had taken
care of six customers, her colleague had assisted just one. From where I was
sitting, the transactions looked identical. I tried not to judge but I admit I was
very glad when I ended up with the efficient teller. I was out of there quickly.

My enthusiasm and energy were boosted after spending time at the bank with a
teller who was friendly, personable, helpful and fast! On the days when it is
necessary for me to go into town, I realize that life in a small place like Atenas
has many benefits. I feel joy from the many meaningful connections I have to
the people with whom I interact. Sometimes in my daily routine, I miss simple,
lovely things because I want to do many things in a short time. A brief walk
through the park on Monday while children were laughing in the playground
reminded me how liberating and necessary it is to just live in the moment.

Have a terrific day and a wonderful week, Marietta

One thought on “Children’s laughter!

  1. I love this! I have so many “sitting bank line” stories. People who have never experienced this would not get the full flavor. I also loved a certain armed door guard from the old days. Ah, and the children’s laughter in the park. Some climb the trees across from the open-window bar across the street. Yup, spent some time there as well. Thanks for writing!

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