An unexpected gift for the eyes!

Dear Friends,

I am standing on the terrace of our home. My eyes eagerly indulge in the
majestic landscape before me. My ears strain to hear the birds singing, their
lovely melody interrupted by the wailing of someone’s car alarm. I breathe in
slowly and deeply, loving and appreciating the thorns and the flowers that are
part and parcel of our neighborhood’s vibrancy. Get out early today and enjoy
all that surrounds you before the day gets away.

Almost all my Saturdays take me on a short drive to our county’s center to do
some shopping. It is an outing I plan for and like doing because the traffic is
minimal and I can almost always find a parking spot. I try to go out before it
gets too late or too hot so that I can walk and take note of any changes in the
streets and shops. I am happy to see that many blocks now have proper side-
walks that make it easier for residents and visitors to our town to get around.

Walkable streets are interesting to me and make me feel very much a part of
the community. On my journey, I will usually run into someone I haven’t seen
in a while. An easy conversation follows and while we are catching up, I am
able to get a glimpse of the eclectic assortment of shops and people who are
taking in the scenery or running Saturday errands. I take extreme pleasure in
knowing myself a permanent resident in this small, charming place.

There is something magical about unexpectedly spying the flowering of the
Cortez Amarillo behind the wall of a lawyer’s office. This fleeting natural
wonder right in the middle of the block captures the attention of a tourist. He
quickly grabs his camera to make permanent this temporary event, no doubt
aware that another day will find the flowers covering the ground. As I drive
home, I remind myself to see whether my own trees are flowering. Not yet!

Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s day and a splendid week, Marietta

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