Tinamastes Organic Fair

Dear Friends,

It is a beautifully sunny morning where I am and I hope the same is true
for you! I look forward to listening to the birds singing, accompanying the
sounds of the choir from the church nearby. The gentle breeze sways the
bamboo and sends the scent of seasonal blossoms towards me. I feel the
need to stretch my body as I gaze on all of Nature’s gifts. Get some move-
ment today before the day gets away.

The annual fundraising Bingo is happening at the Hogar de Ancianos today.
Although I love to play Bingo, I will be working at the table selling and
swapping cards. Bingo is a very sociable game. Good-natured banter is part
of the event. I am very entertained by the interaction between the caller and
the players in this informal, almost carnival-like atmosphere. The Hogar is
fortunate to have local Bingo callers who volunteer and have honed their
skills to an art form that immerses everyone in a few hours of harmless fun.

Tomorrow begins a new month and a new quarter. It encourages me to refresh
with presence and thought the commitments I made in the beginning of 2019.
Although I can sometimes be impatient with myself when I don’t meet the
goals I have set for myself, it bears remembering that true transformation
happens slowly, not unlike the small, gradual changes of a tree over the years.
Personal development should be embrace new discoveries with optimism.

Last Tuesday I visited the Tinamastes organic fair with my aunt and my cousin
in the Perez Zeledon area. The fair is an initiative of Vida Autentica, a non-profit
organization dedicated mostly to organic agriculture and the environment. The
variety of products offered was surprising. The vendors and visitors (local and
foreign) were from many nations. The food available came from all corners of
the world, from Lebanese kebabs to German sausages to Tico tamales! Their
celebration of community, health and abundance was clear and energizing. I
can’t wait to return!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

image of Tinamastes Fair my own

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