An unexpected and surprising lesson

Dear Friends,

Like every Sunday, today greets me with birds singing and sun shining
through the blinds. It is a day of joy and renewal, a time to meditate on all
the wonderous gifts Nature bestows. Get out early today for some gentle
movement and healthy nutrition. Take in the gems that are hiding in plain
sight in your area; pause for a moment to really see and appreciate them.

Because I don’t have to do it often, I enjoy riding the bus to and back from
San José. It is an opportunity for me to relax and take in my surroundings
instead of having to focus and deal with traffic and reckless drivers on our
streets. The bus drivers are mostly friendly and it is nice to hear words of
appreciation from the riders as they board or exit the vehicle. Riding the
bus is never a dull experience.

Friendships and a sense of community develop when the same people take
public transportation at the same time every day. I remember it happening
when I lived in New York and rode the train to work each morning. There
was something very remarkable about that time for me because I was able
to get a glimpse of citizens across the entire socioeconomic spectrum. The
same sort of thing happens when I ride the bus to the San José bus depot.

On a recent trip, I sat behind a young mother and her toddler. In the past, I
might have changed seats in case the child became unhappy during the ride.
I wanted to read and public transportation carries a sense of urgency that can
disturb a small child. I remained where I was; the bus was nearly full. The
child’s fascination with everything outside the window reminded me that kids
live in the moment. He was delighted and his mother was attentive.

Instead of disturbing my trip, he entertained me with his enthusiasm for a dog
on the street and for the colorful balloons signaling a birthday party. I was
the beneficiary on that bus ride. I made a mental note to pay attention to what
really matters in our extraordinary world: slowing down, living in the moment,
looking at things with a child’s sense of wonder. It was an unexpected and
surprising lesson.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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