Easter and Passover 2019

Dear Friends,

Today is Easter Sunday. It is also the third day of Passover. Today is a day
in which the focus is family and friends eating together. Wherever you are,
make the most of the day by celebrating the renewal and joy inherent in the
promise of rebirth during this time. Get out early, stretching and breathing
in all the goodness that surrounds you. Then enjoy celebrating the new day.

I spent most of Friday in quiet contemplation. Sometimes it is necessary for
me to sit and summon awareness with the goal of assessing my life for areas
that aren’t addressed regularly because daily busyness requires my attention.
Traditional holidays that affect government operations or loosen traffic res-
trictions serve to remind us all that it is wise to prepare in advance so we are
not exposing ourselves to the stress caused by our own lack of planning.

Easter and Passover are both festivals that focus attention on hope and rebirth.
The year is still in its early stages. Our goals for 2019 can still be aligned to be
met during the rest of the year. Many of us greet spring (and in Costa Rica, the
rainy season) with enthusiasm and energy. I find myself filled with resilience
and a desire to persevere with the de-cluttering challenge I set for myself in the
beginning of this year.

I have managed to transform a small area of my closet by spending just a few
minutes every day completely focused on one task. Freeing up the space is so
liberating. It is nice to see empty shelves.  Perhaps I will leave them that way,
admiring the grain of the wood and appreciating its uncluttered beauty. It is a
beginning which will hopefully encourage transformation in other areas.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week of hope and renewal, Marietta

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