Feeling Nature

The day’s chill greets me. As I gaze out the window and hear a tiny bird’s
warble I am struck by the strength and length of his musical offerings. I am
inspired to move my body as I gratefully breathe in today’s crisp, cool air.
I summon my inner consultant and remind myself that my thoughts have an
impact on my mood and that I can choose which thoughts to dwell on. Get
out early today and make the most of this new opportunity to enjoy living.

Every once in a while, I daydream about living in a modern, buzzing place
like New York again. The feeling is fleeting. When I recall the harsh winters
of my childhood versus the warmth of each sunny Atenas morning, I know
that I have chosen the correct place as my permanent residence. I take time
to reflect on what it is I miss about New York (besides my children and long-
time friends) and realize it has much to do with its multifaceted hubs of
community life that translate constantly into world-travel in one place.

One of my joys of daily life is inextricably connected to Nature. I remember
how disturbing it was for me to have to take an elevator 31 flights down to
take my young children to the park when we lived in Manhattan. It was such
a contradiction to my own experience of just opening the door and being in
Nature as a child in Costa Rica or in Brooklyn. During the morning rush, it
sometimes took many minutes before an elevator could accommodate us and
our strollers, toys and snacks. Once we arrived at the park, every negative
aspect was forgotten as we experienced the connection to Nature in the songs
of the trees! Our adventures in Nature lasted many, many hours.

Every so often, my eyes capture a quick glimpse of a squirrel making its way
across several trees on our property by jumping from branch to branch. I am
captivated for many minutes; amazed that the fragile branches can hold the
weight of the squirrel (often several) as it seeks the odd fruit or nut to eat. My
worries are absent when I concentrate on the squirrels, though I do wonder if
they are disturbing the resident owls I am hoping to see later. My mood is ever
lifted when my binoculars spot the array of colorful birds that also reside here.

Have a wonderful day in Nature and a terrific week, Marietta

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