A Quiet Sunday

Dear Friends,

It is unusually quiet right now for a not-so-early Sunday morning. The absence
of singing from the choir or the birds invites me to rest my eyes on the dry grass
below as I contemplate the stillness in the air. It is very hot. The shrivelled trees
of the dry season have not had the chance to change the brownish landscape to
the magnificent green and lush one we are all eagerly awaiting. The promise of
rain in the forecast is something to celebrate and appreciate as we go about our
day. Breathe in gratitude for whatever natural phenomena surrounds you.

I did my weekly drive around town yesterday. Perhaps because I started my day
a little later, the town felt a bit congested. As I walked from store to store, I was
surprised by how many cars were circulating in the center, many of them quite
large. I have observed that our narrow streets can make for more careful driving
but have not done much to encourage people to leave the car at home and walk.
It is a shame really, so much more can be appreciated when one is on foot. I saw
recently painted houses that uplift the spirit as their splash of color meets the eye.

The pace of life in our small town is still attracting annual visitors who welcome
the opportunity to slow down. It is not always easy to adjust to what might feel
like intrusiveness on the part of the community, but I find that most residents are
genuinely interested in the new people who make up part of their neighborhoods.
Becoming tethered to a place can foster trust and bring peace of mind in times of
emergencies. I have heard many heart-warming stories of neighborly kindness.

April is a month of birthdays and anniversaries for our family. Celebrations are
ongoing and although we are in different geographical locations, the options for
staying in touch allow us to communicate frequently. I have tried to make every
effort to nurture the relationships that are important to me. It is my belief that all
of us benefit from strong ties and participation. As I get older I take time to muse
on the past and loosely plan the future. My blueprint highlights place and people.

Have an exceptional day and a lovely week, Marietta

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