Investing Time Wisely

Dear Friends,

As I sit to write my message this morning, I am surrounded by all the things
that I love: the music coming from the birds outside the window; the lovely
colors from the flowers that are blooming; and the gentle breeze that brushes
my skin as I soak in the warmth of the sun shining upon me. I feel grateful to
be alive and enjoying this exquisite moment in time. Get out early today and
really feel Nature’s embrace as you go about your day.

In recent years, I have undertaken the task of decluttering the accumulated
boxes of “stuff” taking up space around the house. Some parts of that effort are
becoming easier as my resolve strengthens, especially when I am able to find
good homes for items that no longer serve us but that are still in good shape.
One area where I am not advancing is in trying to “curate” the collection of
handcrafted items that our children made for special occasions.

Today, the U.S. and many other countries in the world are celebrating Mother’s
Day. I have wonderful memories of past celebrations with our children and I
am thankful that our relationship has continued to evolve and strengthen despite
the many miles that separate us for most of the year. My heart melts every time
I come across a treasure made by one of them which was hidden carefully until
the appropriate time to give it to us. The smallest token brings a smile to my
face and sometimes a bittersweet tear as I remember those simpler times.

In this unpredictable and fast-paced modern world, the bonds we make with the
people in our life give meaning to our days. Our material growth is not always
a source or evidence of happiness. The tangible and intangible benefits of social
relationships and connections are good reasons to invest time in cultivating the
networks that can help us attain them. Getting together with people to share a
story, laughter, music and good food always makes me feel fulfilled. I hope you
have a network of friends and family that make you feel good too.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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