Challenging Personal Axioms

Dear Friends,

The fiercely impassioned calls from the flycatchers outside my window
early this morning were impossible to ignore. Their powerful energy made
me rise with a desire to gaze upon the majestic landscape that surrounds me.
I contemplate the mysterious way Nature’s rainfalls transform the brown into
green on the sloping hills. The colors are particularly vivid. I am grateful and
happy to enjoy this amazing view. Get out early today and really notice your
surroundings while gently stretching and moving your body.

Yesterday afternoon as I did my Saturday errands, I serendipitously ran into
an old friend. It was quite exciting to update each other on our respective lives.
We recalled with delight the time we spent together in the past working on the
town projects that we believed in and that contributed in a positive way to the
community we served. When we parted, I felt exhilarated by the fortuitous
encounter and, more importantly, by the unforgettable memories that bond us
to each other.

So far, 2019 has really seen me spending more time than usual reflecting on
the relationships with people in my life. There have been many life-changing
challenges that have become opportunities for personal growth and which I
welcome despite the discomfort I feel when I have to go outside my comfort
zone. I watch myself with some amusement when I realize that many of the
set opinions I held in the past are softening as a result of my “maturity”. As I
navigate this new stage in my life, I am optimistic that my future is bright.

Our perspective determines whether we see a glass half full or half empty. I
am finally beginning to understand the term “fluid” as it applies to my life.
Although it requires some self-discipline, I am forcing myself to challenge the
simplistic axioms that cause self-reproach, an outcome that serves no one. It can
be a little scary to change my anticipated responses but practice makes it easier.
In addition, I feel more committed to the endeavors that bring me true joy.

Have a wonderful day of discovery and a terrific week, Marietta

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